Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another successful day

Second day of safari was another big success with lots of game seen again. 

The team are all very happy and relaxing back at their lodges tonight before Lake Manyara tomorrow.

Friday, 12 July 2013

A wealth of wildlife

The team had a great safari today in Tarangire National Park..ticked off the list were lion, cheetah, zebra and absolutely hundreds of elephants!

Tomorrow the group are heading for the world famous Ngorongoro Crater.. where we expect them to have some even more up close sightings of some of Africa's incredible wildlife..

End of the project..start of safari!|

And so the team's time in Bacho village has come to end. Hopefully some will return- but one thing is for sure, no-one will ever forget the time that they have spent with the local community. Many friends have been made and a deeper understanding of the Tanzanian way of life gained.

The team departed to an amazing farewell ceremony...the CSULB students performed songs and plays with the local children and their were many sad goodbyes and some tears as the group headed to Babati for the night.

This morning though, they are looking ahead to the prospect of their safari in Tanzania's stunning game parks. Today is Tarangire...then the Ngorogoro crater and Lake Manyara to follow..

Thoughts on the project, Matthew Fauls

Guest Blogger No. 10

Name: Matthew Fauls
Age: 23
Profession: CSULB Director
Mambo vipi!?! (what’s up!!).
I am here in Africa, Tanzania with some truly incredible people of Africa and other volunteers. I have already learned so much in such a short amount of time. Tomorrow we start to go to on safari. As this exciting journey starts, another sad one ends. We had to bid farewell to our truly close friends at Bacho village. I will miss them with all of my heart. We will be home in a few days but until then, ‘badaye’ (see you later) and ‘lala salama’ (sleep well!).

Thoughts on the project, Shirley Gong

Guest Blogger No. 9

Name: Shirley Gong
Age: 19
Profession: Idyllwild Arts Academy Student
I’m Shirley Gong. I come from Shen Zhen, China.
Today is the last working day. We worked so hard. My job was shifting the rocks. I’m no powerful, so lots of people helped me. I felt very thankful to everyone who has ever helped me. I have never experienced anything like this before, so it is a real pleasure for me to be one of the volunteers in Tanzania. I love this trip. Three of our leaders are amazing! I love them
very much.

Thoughts on the project, Susan Hughmanick

Guest Blogger No. 8

Name: Susan Hughmanick
Age: ‘village elder’
Profession: Physician
We are coming to the end of our project work in Bacho and the feeling is bittersweet. We have enjoyed each others’ company in moments of respite - even becoming a bit of a Karimu ‘tribe’.
This morning started out on a high as I looked up from the coffee line to see Harman Parker across from me. ‘Bridging the Gap Africa’ was now fully represented and bridge work was well under ‘phase two’. This is the gruelling grunt work of passing 7 tons of sand and 7 tons of large gravel bucket-by-bucket across the rickety span of wooden planks we are trying to replace.
Other work is coming to a successfully conclusion: the computer installation/training, the village midwives seminar and the Ufani teachers’ housing which is rising brick by brick out of the dust behind the school.

Again, the Bacho villagers have welcomed us into their lives and their homes. It is indeed true that we are becoming friends despite the distance between us. Their open hearts will beckon us back tena na tena.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Last day on site

Everyone worked incredibly hard for the last day on site... tomorrow it's safari!!