Friday, 12 July 2013

Thoughts on the project, Susan Hughmanick

Guest Blogger No. 8

Name: Susan Hughmanick
Age: ‘village elder’
Profession: Physician
We are coming to the end of our project work in Bacho and the feeling is bittersweet. We have enjoyed each others’ company in moments of respite - even becoming a bit of a Karimu ‘tribe’.
This morning started out on a high as I looked up from the coffee line to see Harman Parker across from me. ‘Bridging the Gap Africa’ was now fully represented and bridge work was well under ‘phase two’. This is the gruelling grunt work of passing 7 tons of sand and 7 tons of large gravel bucket-by-bucket across the rickety span of wooden planks we are trying to replace.
Other work is coming to a successfully conclusion: the computer installation/training, the village midwives seminar and the Ufani teachers’ housing which is rising brick by brick out of the dust behind the school.

Again, the Bacho villagers have welcomed us into their lives and their homes. It is indeed true that we are becoming friends despite the distance between us. Their open hearts will beckon us back tena na tena.

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