Sunday, 7 July 2013

Thoughts from Linda and Ed...

Guest Blogger No.6 

Name: Linda Presser & Ed Elysson
Age: 64 & 64
Occupation: Retired Operations mgr at Cisco & retired Network Administrator

Our time here has been emotionally full, starting with being:

- Welcomed and appreciated from the moment of arrival.

- Satisfied from hard work at the primary school and bridge construction sites.

- Frustrated by the communication challenge with the clinic staff.

- Very happy hearing about the achievement of the farm cooperative that Ed & I helped finance.

- Grateful for the sense of community created by all the Karimu Foundation volunteers.

- Sad that we will miss seeing the bridge completion.

- Anticipation that we might return. Ed is already planning projects for next time!

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  1. Great post Mom and Ed!! I am sorry I am not getting to this sooner. I missed you guys and believe you should be home soon. Love you.