Friday, 5 July 2013

Thoughts from Brandi Mills, Professor and Associate Dean

Guest Blogger No. 4

Name: Brandi Davis Mills
Age: 39
Occupation: Professor and Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences Brandman University, Chapman University System

Today is Independence Day in the United States of America, but I feel a different kind of freedom amongst these beautiful greens hills of Tanzania than I ever have before. The people who have welcomed us into their village have taught me so much already, beginning with what it means to be a friend and a contributing member of a community.

I have helped build a new home for a teacher using bricks, mortar and the teamwork of both adults and children. The kids here has brought me such joy by reading, chasing bubbles and walking hand in hand with me as we exchanged smiles and our languages. I was able to use my academic skills to teach the secondary school teachers to use laptop donated to them by a grant facilitated by a graduate student writing her thesis. The greatest joy of this particular day was sharing a farm fresh meal in the home of a new friend. Independence through interdependence….

I just wish my own children were here with me; I miss them so! I love you Wade and Grace!

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