Tuesday, 9 July 2013

'Karimu's Got Talent'

Tonight the team ran an amazing 'Karimu's Got Talent' night... John Mills rapped about his experiences on the trip, Keri and Brandi wrote a song about their time in Tanzania, Winnie, Elena, Shirley and Rosey drew some incredible drawings, Jade, Jeanette, Carmela and Galen all sang together, David did animal impressions, The CSULB students did a song about Ufani Bridge (!) and Laralyn finished with a poetry reading.

The whole evening was a huge success and the team is in such high spirits going into the last few days on project..


  1. Sounds like a fabulous time and great learning experiences! Bravo to all (especially the CSULB team)

  2. Hello! This is Laralyn's mom! I'm so happy to hear how well things are going there. What a fun idea to have a talent show! Love you, Laralyn!