Friday, 12 July 2013

End of the project..start of safari!|

And so the team's time in Bacho village has come to end. Hopefully some will return- but one thing is for sure, no-one will ever forget the time that they have spent with the local community. Many friends have been made and a deeper understanding of the Tanzanian way of life gained.

The team departed to an amazing farewell ceremony...the CSULB students performed songs and plays with the local children and their were many sad goodbyes and some tears as the group headed to Babati for the night.

This morning though, they are looking ahead to the prospect of their safari in Tanzania's stunning game parks. Today is Tarangire...then the Ngorogoro crater and Lake Manyara to follow..

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  1. How marvelous! Asante Sana for the updates and I hope the Safari is magical!