Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Update from our leaders Jess and Peppe

We write this sitting in Babati, a small town nestled between the south of Lake Manyara and the western side of Tarangire National Park. It’s late afternoon and the sun is starting to make up for its absence from this morning. We’ve just picked up a few supplies in the market to make sure everything runs well for when the group arrives in less than three days and preparation is well on the way.
So what is it like here? What will the reception be like? How is the food?
Most of these will be answered in good time, but we can assure one thing, that the village of Bacho is looking forward to the group’s arrival. There’s a buzz in the air and hopping between project sites and arranging preparation has only confirmed how happy the local community are to welcome the group next week.
The project sites look great, there will be some ‘kazi ngumu’ but nothing too back-breaking! I could go into detail now, but more will follow soon!

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